Welcome to Singapore Club Of Thailand's Website

Dear fellow Singaporeans and friends!

Sawatdeekhrap! Welcome to our virtual home, the Singapore Club of Thailand, a social club that we can call our very own! We are the uniquely Singaporeans working and living in Thailand, and helping to keep a lookout for fellow Singaporeans staying in Thailand. Should you have any issues or matters that wish to seek advice, please share with us and we will be willing to lend a helping hand for fellow Singaporeans! We are just like the Singapore Community Club in Thailand to bond the Singaporeans together and foster the true Singaporean spirit!

Latest update (February 2019) A great celebration of the Piggy CNY and also our 34th AGM presentation, with attendees of over 60+ Singaporeans and family. What’s the best way to spend your Saturday than to have small talks with fellow Singaporeans staying in Bangkok, and enjoying Singapore Food!!! We welcome you to join us, by simply emailing your details to min2poon@hotmail.com. For more enquiry pls text to Robin: +66 639939966.

Special thanks to our donors for our upcoming Charity Trip in Chiangrai, including Ms Lulu, Ms Cindy Lau’s children, Ms Angeline and hubby, Catherine Chan and Mr Loo Swee Seng. Thank you all, you will be blessed for your kind heart and generosity for our Charity Projects. To find out more about our projects please see the Charity gallery.

Please join us for our activities (upcoming events on the right side of this webpage) and let us know if  you have any suggestions as well. You can always drop an email to us/message us (robin@dawnsg.com). See you all soon!

Robin Loh - SCOT President (2015 - present)